Rental Qualifications & Requirements

Last update: May 17th, 2019

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Additional Drivers

Additional drivers can be added to the rental agreement when you collect your vehicle. As with your own vehicle insurance policy, additional driver insurance has higher fee. This will be included into Additional Driver Fee as follows below:

SPAIN 7,95.-€ 95,40.-€

Maximum of four additional drivers may be permitted per one vehicle per rent.

Renter Not Driving

Firefly may authorize a driver who is not the person on booking (the renter), subject to the purchase an additional admin fee below:

Car Group
per rental
1-14 days
per day
15-21 days
per day
22-30 days
per day
31 days
+ per day
All Car Groups

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Vehicle Group

Although we have a wide variety of vehicles in our vehicle park, specific brands, models or specific fuel cannot be guaranteed. Vehicle images placed on the web and in your voucher are examples only and may be substituted by any other vehicle within the group similar to the one you have booked.

In case of damage or accident we will provide you with a similar vehicle within the group you booked or, in case no similar vehicles are available within the group, we will provide you with a vehicle of superior group (except cases when you are liable for any damage or accident as the result of breach of the terms and conditions of the rental agreement).

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Child Seats / Booster Seats

Child safety seats are mandatory in the following cases:

  • IN SPAIN: for children under 1,35 meters tall

    Please request for child seat at the moment of vehicle reservation placement. You will be responsible for child seat installation in accordance with the instructions provided. Toddler (suitable for 9 months – 6 years old children) and Booster (suitable for 6 – 11 years old children) child seats are available for an additional charge as follows:


    In case of child seat damage you will be charged a replacement fee in amount of 75.-€ (in addition to child seat rental fee).

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  • GPS

    Please note GPS are offered over the counter, they are subject to availability and cannot be pre-booked.
    GPS damages are not covered by SuperCover. Customer is liable up to 150€ for damage or loss.

    9,10.-€ (Min. 18,15.-€)

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    MiFi (Mobile WiFi)

    MiFi is available at Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and Valencia locations and can be purchased at the time of pick-up or pre-booked through our website at the following price:


    MiFi features:

    -Compatible to any device equipped with WiFi; PC/laptop, mobiles, tablets/iPads, gaming devices.
    - Navigation speed: up to 50 Mbps.
    - Battery: 6 hours and 300 hours on “standby”
    - Simultaneous connections: up to 10.

    Please note: In the event of damage or loss of the device or any of its accessories; you will be liable for a replacement fee up to: MiFi device – 96.80 €, case/cover – 12.10 €, cable – 10.89 €, charger – 10.89 €, SIM card – 30.25 €, battery - 30.25 €.

    Documents Required

    At the rental counter you will need to present your passport or ID card (with Roman script) as a proof of identity plus a valid European driver's license (Roman script) which has been held for at least 1 year.

    If you do not present a European driving license in Roman script we will require an international driving license. If you fail to provide an international driving license you will not be provided with a vehicle.

    Firefly refuses all responsibility towards traffic fines imposed to the customer for not having valid license or licenses required for driving in Spain. Please consult current regulations.

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    Out of Hours Pick-Up

    If your flight arrives late, out of hours pick-up is available if you show at the counter no later than 90 minutes after Rental Office closing hours and have provided your flight details. An additional service fee will apply as follows:


    If you show at the counter later than 90 minutes after Rental Office closing hours and have not provided your flight details, your vehicle will be available for collection during Rental Office opening hours next day.

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    Supplement for Young and Senior Drivers

    You need to be at least 19 years old the day your rental starts. If you are aged 19 to 24 years (inclusive), we will apply an additional Young Driver Fee to cover the higher insurance risk we incur for this category of driver. If applicable, we will automatically apply this fee to your quote once you have told us your age during the booking process.

    If you are aged 19 to 20 years (inclusive) you will only allowed to drive car groups MBMR (A) and ECMR (B)

    It´s mandatory to have at least 1 year in driving license holding experience

    There is also a Senior Driver Fee for drivers in ages 70 or above to cover the higher insurance risk we incur for this category of driver. If applicable, we will automatically apply this fee to your quote once you have told us your age during the booking process.

    SPAIN 19-20 years old (inclusive) 8,95.-€ 107,4.-€
    21-24 years old (inclusive) 6,95.-€ 83,4.-€
    70 or above 6,95 € 83,4 €

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    Fast track

    Priority Check out at the rental office. By purchasing our Fast Track, you will be able to collect the vehicle in the preference lane at the counter.

    SPAIN 30.00.-€

    *Fast track is only available in Barcelona, Alicante and Malaga.

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    Kilometer policy

    An additional charge may apply if you exceed the maximum kilometers allowed for your rental, as follows:

    Location Groups KM incl./day Extra KM charge*
    Malaga, Alicante, Sevilla, Valencia, Murcia, Gerona, Jerez and Reus. All 120 0.45 € / km
    Madrid and Barcelona All 150 0.45 € / km

    *Applies to every km beyond the limit specified

    This extra charge may be eliminated if you take SuperCover, Free KM or any other product available for this matter.

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    Free KM

    You can purchase Free KM in order to have applied an unlimited kilometer policy.

    Groups Per rental
    All        29 €

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    II. Fuel

    Your Firefly vehicle is provided with a full tank of petrol which is not included in your rental rate. You have three options to manage your fuel needs:

    RETURN - FULL TANK If you return with a full tank you have no fuel charges to pay. NB: Fuel gauges may still indicate that the tank is “full” many miles after it was last re-filled. To deal with this practically, we ask you to refill the tank within 10 miles/ 16 km of the return location and bring your fuel receipt with you when returning the vehicle. If you do not do so, we reserve the right to apply a small charge of 10€.
    RETURN – TANK NOT FULL If you do not refill the tank, we will charge you for amount of fuel consumed plus a refueling service charge of 30 € to cover extra costs arising from refilling the tank for next customer. The refueling service charge will be of appliance only to full/full limited kilometer rates.
    PREPAID FULL – EMPTY RATES This option is one of the most common sold through intermediaries. If you do not refill the tank, we will charge you for the amount of fuel consumed. A non-refundable service charge will be added on top to cover the costs of service and fuel handling (it varies from one vehicle group to another, please consult fuel table chart).

    Please be advised fuel rates are calculated based on official Spanish pump prices.

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    III. Car Coverage and Extensions


    Car insurance includes:

    - Third party liability: coverage on bodily injury to persons other than the driver and on property damage to anything other than the vehicle;
    - Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): reduces your financial liability for damage to, or loss of the vehicle, its parts and accessories, except for theft or attempted theft or vandalism in excess indicated in the Rental Agreement; and
    - Theft Protection (TP): reduces your financial liability for loss of, or damage to the firefly vehicle, its parts and accessories, due to theft, attempted theft or vandalism in excess indicated in the Rental Agreement.

    You may extend car insurance contracting following options:

    - Personal Insurance: covers the authorized drivers, passengers and personal effects; and
    - Super Cover waives your limited liability which would be applicable to CDW and TP insurances otherwise and the kilometer limitation applicable to rates.

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    Third Party Liability

    Car rental rate automatically includes third party liability insurance which provides driver with coverage on:

    • Bodily injury to persons other than the driver; and
    • On property damage to anything other than the FireFly vehicle.
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    Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

    Collision Damage Waiver is included into car rental rate (except being optional for USA citizens travelling to Europe and being mandatory in Italy) and reduces your financial liability for damage to the FireFly vehicle, its parts and accessories, except for theft, attempted theft or vandalism, provided the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement up to the amount of an non waivable excess, in accordance with the following:

    If CDW is declined, you will be responsible for the amount of the deductible applicable for car rentals in SPAIN in accordance with the table below:

    Car Group CDW – NWE Deductible
    (N / MBAR) Fiat 500 Automatic EUR 1250 EUR 12000
    (A / MBMR) Fiat 500 or similar EUR 1000 EUR 8130
    (B / ECMR) Opel Corsa or similar EUR 1000 EUR 9677
    (C / CDMR) Kiad Cee´d or similar EUR 1250 EUR 12198
    (C1 / CMMR) Volkswagen Caddy or similar EUR 1250 EUR 11849
    (H / CWMR) Renault Clio Station Wagon or similar EUR 1250 EUR 11849
    (D / IMMR) Opel Zafira or similar EUR 1600 EUR 15231
    (D1 / IMAR) Opel Zafira Automatic EUR 1600 EUR 15231

    Non waivable excess will not be applicable if you contract Super Cover option.

    If you choose to rely on your credit card for cover, we strongly recommend that you fully read and understand the terms and conditions of any cover provided by your credit card company before you decline any of our optional services. So, should you suffer a mishap during your rental period, we will charge the amount of the excess, subsequently can derive this amount to the provider of the credit card or any other private insurance.

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    Theft Protection (TP)

    Theft Protection is included into car rental rate and reduces your financial liability for loss of, or damage to the FireFly vehicle, its parts and accessories, due to theft, attempted theft or vandalism, provided the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement in the maximum amount of non waivable excess in accordance with the following:

    If TP is declined, you will be responsible for the deductible amount as per table below.

    Valid for rented vehicles in SPAIN:

    Car group TP – NWE Deductible
    (N / MBAR) Fiat 500 Automatic EUR 1250 EUR 12000
    (A / MBMR) Fiat 500 or similar EUR 1000 EUR 8130
    (B / ECMR) Opel Corsa or similar EUR 1000 EUR 9677
    (C / CDMR) Kiad Cee´d or similar EUR 1250 EUR 12198
    (C1 / CMMR) Volkswagen Caddy or similar EUR 1250 EUR 11849
    (H / CWMR) Renault Clio Station Wagon or similar EUR 1250 EUR 11849
    (D / IMMR) Opel Zafira or similar EUR 1600 EUR 15231
    (D1 / IMAR) Opel Zafira Automatic EUR 1600 EUR 15231

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    Excess Cover

    This option includes cover protection against theft and damages with an excess (being the excess €1.000 for groups A and B, €1.250 for groups N, C, C1 and H, €1.600 for groups D and D1).

    In case of refusing our SuperCover product, your credit card will be blocked for 850€.

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    Super Cover

    SuperCover reduces your liability to us to €0 (zero) for the excess which otherwise applies if you take Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection (TP).

    In Locations where limited mileage applies, SC will also waive mileage excess cost.


    SuperCover covers any loss of or damage to the Firefly vehicle except where the loss or damage was caused intentionally or by the gross negligence of the driver (e.g. acting in a way they know or should know is likely to cause harm or damage) or by breach of your obligations under the Rental Agreement.

    Examples include: damage caused by driving on non-authorized roads (outside road network) or on restricted zones (such as airport service zones), driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, filling the vehicle up with the wrong fuel, or theft caused as a result of losing the keys or leaving the vehicle open/engine started unattended, damage originated from its use to tow or push any vehicle without Firefly´s authorization, damaged incurred by the vehicle´s use on animal/cattle/explosives/corrosive substances transportation, damage incurred by a violation of a traffic law, damage caused as consequence of participating in rallies or any other racing competition, and any damage caused by using the vehicle in any illegal activity. SuperCover does not limit your liability to us for damage of optional items such as GPS, child seats or any other additional equipment. Please be advised, these examples are not exhaustive but expository.


    SuperCover is available at all Firefly locations and can be purchased at the time of pick-up.



    Car Group
    per rental
    1-3 days
    per day
    4-7 days
    per day
    8+ days
    per rental
    Reserve in case
    SC is not purchased (*)
    71.85 €
    23.95 €
    21.95 €
    19.95 €
    259.35 €
    850.00 €
    77.85 €
    25.95 €
    23.95 €
    20.95 €
    272.35 €
    850.00 €
    83.85 €
    27.95 €
    24.95 €
    21.95 €
    285.35 €
    850.00 €

    Note: If you do not take SC:
    (*) This amount of credit will be reserved on your credit card until you return the vehicle and covers damage that may arise to the vehicle during the rental.
    (**) Your maximum liability for any damage arising from the rental will be to the amount of this non waivable excess.

    Firefly offers free Road Assistance service (24/7) to all his customers, including free unlimited change over vehicles at the closest Firefly location, however if towing / taxis are required, this is not covered in the fee service and if customers do not purchase SuperCover they are responsible for:

    Taxis or any other type of transport supplied to reach closest Firefly location:

    Service delivered in the same province the vehicle was rented:
    109 €
    Service delivered outside the province in which the vehicle was rented:
    (Charges based on distance to the closest Firefly location)
    - Distance <50 Kms
    139 €
    - Distance >49 kms / < 200 kms
    260 €
    - Distance >199 kms / < 400 kms
    303 €
    - Distance >399 Kms
    424 €

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    Glass & Tyres

    Glass & Tires will eliminate your financial responsibility in the case of damages to windows, windshield and wheels. It also includes charges derived from roadside assistance and exempts you from leaving a reservation on your credit card.

    Car Group
    per rental
    1-14 Days
    per day
    15-21 Days
    per day
    22-30 Days
    per day
    31 Days
    per day
    44.75 €
    8.95 €
    6.95 €
    4.95 €
    3.95 €
    49.75 €
    9.95 €
    7.95 €
    5.95 €
    4.45 €
    59.75 €
    11.95 €
    9.95 €
    6.95 €
    4.95 €

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    Smart Cover

    If you have already purchased insurance from a third party to cover damage and loss of the car, you can purchase at our counters the Smart Cover, which includes: credit reserve waiver, full road assistance and all costs that could arise up from this service and unlimited kilometre for limited rates.

    This product will exempt you from leaving a reserve on your credit card, but the excess will not be eliminated, you will still be responsible for paying Firefly for the cost of repairing any damage when you return the car as stated in our terms and conditions, and then claim it back from your third party excess cover, please see section III. Car Insurance and Extensions.

    In order to purchase Smart Cover, it will be mandatory to provide us with your third party cover or insurance details, or the third party cover or insurance confirmation number.

    Car Group
    per rental
    1-3 days
    per day
    4-7 days
    per day
    8 days +
    per day
    per rental
    29.85 €
    9.95 €
    8.95 €
    7.95 €
    87.45 €
    32.85 €
    10.95 €
    9.95 €
    8.95 €
    98.45 €
    35.85 €
    11.95 €
    10.95 €
    9.95 €
    109.45 €

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    All Included

    This option includes Super Cover and eliminates the kilometer limitation in those locations where applicable. It also includes the Service Charge in full to empty products.

    Car Group
    per rental
    1-3 days
    per day
    4-7 days
    per day
    8 days +
    per day
    per rental
    80.85 €
    26.95 €
    23.95 €
    21.95 €
    272.35 €
    86.85 €
    28.95 €
    25.95 €
    22.95 €
    285.35 €
    92.85 €
    30.95 €
    26.95 €
    23.95 €
    298.35 €

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    Personal Insurance (PI)

      Per day
    SPAIN 4,80 €

    Personal Insurance is an optional service which covers the authorized drivers, passengers and personal effects.

    Please see below for a brief summary of cover:

    Section A - Personal Accident:

    Death 40.000.-€ 20.000.-€
    Permanent total disablement 75.000.-€ 37.500.-€
    Loss of sight of one or both eyes 30.000.-€ 15.000.-€
    Loss of one or more limbs 30.000.-€ 15.000.-€

    Please note that no excess applies to Section A.

    Section B – Medical and Emergency Expenses:

    Emergency Expenses 250.-€
    Medical Expenses 600.-€

    Please note that an excess of EUR 50.00 per insured person will apply for Medical Expenses.

    Section C – Additional Hospital Benefit:

    20.-€ for each full 24 hours that an insured person is an in-patient in a hospital. 1.000.-€

    Please note that no excess applies to Section C.

    Section D – Personal Effects:

    COVERAGE Per Person
    Collision or fire 2.000.-€
    Theft 1.000.-€

    Please note that an excess of EUR 75.00 per insured person will apply for every claim in respect of Section D.

    As with any insurance policy, there are exclusions which affect the cover provided.
    Full details of the cover and conditions are contained in a leaflet that is available from each rental location.

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    IV. Renting Period

    Damage recovery process

    Vehicle pick up

    1. You will be provided with a form that reflects the current status of your vehicle. This includes any minor damage that might be present.
    2. Inspect the vehicle yourself and contact a member of staff to suggest any appropriate changes to the form before driving away.
    3. We will require you to sign this form as proof of acceptance.

    In the event of an accident

    You are required to obtain the following information:

    1. A Police Report signed by a local police representative.
    2. The full contact details of implicated third parties (if applicable).

    Please note: If the above is not obtained your insurance and optional services may be void.

    Returning your vehicle

    1. Our staff will inspect the status of the vehicle and record any new damage registered.
    2. If you damage the vehicle, you will be required to complete a Report Form in full and present it to a member of staff.
    3. You will be asked to sign a damage inspection form as proof of acceptance.

    Damage costs

    If you have not purchased the SuperCover option you will be liable to compensate Firefly for the new damage detected up to the amount of the excess applicable for that vehicle.

    Once new damage has been identified, and in order to calculate the value of the damage, we will apply a standard damage matrix that establishes, per type of car class and damage incurred, the cost to be recovered. Should you wish to review the current damage matrix contents please click here.

    Credit card or Third Party Insurance

    IMPORTANT: In case of damage, we will charge you the incurred amount up to the excess. You will then need to reclaim this amount from the provider of the credit card or third party insurer.

    We strongly recommend that you fully read and understand the terms and conditions of any cover provided by your chosen provider before you decline any of our optional services.

    Without our SuperCover, should you damage the vehicle during your rental period, we will charge you the corresponding amount up to the excess, regardless of whether you can subsequently reclaim this amount from the provider of the credit card or the third party insurer.

    In the event you would like to dispute any of the above mentioned charges you should send your request by mail or email to the Firefly location state on your rental agreement.

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    Driving abroad

    Travelling abroad is not permitted.

    Exceptionally, Firefly will authorize your travel to Portugal, Andorra, France and Gibraltar. An additional charge will be applied:

    PER DRIVER 9,08.-€ 27,23.-€ 99,83.-€

    It is absolutely forbidden to drive the vehicle out of Spain (peninsular territory, so as the removal to Balearic Islands and Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla) without Firefly authorization. In the contrary case your rental agreement shall be null. The driver will be held fully responsible of all the expenses and will bear all consequences, including the cost of repatriation of the vehicle.
    We also inform you that should these restrictions be ignored all insurance (including those that have been pre-paid), if accepted, shall be deemed, null and void.

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    One-Way Rentals

    One way rentals are not available. Thus, you cannot return your rental car at one location other than the initial pickup location.

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    Flight Route Change

    If a flight lands in a different airport than initially booked, customer will have the possibility of getting the car in that destination Airport (if Firefly is present in that location) at a flat fee per rental.

    Per Rental      40.00 €

    Please take note that this service will always be subject to availability.

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    Roadside Assistance

    At the moment of vehicle pick-up you will be given a contact of Roadside Assistance service available for our clients 24 hours a day during all the period of Rental Agreement.

    In case of breakdown or accident that involves the Firefly vehicle (for example: breakdown, natural catastrophe, vandalism or theft)*, you should contact as soon as possible with our Roadside Assistance service. We will evaluate your situation and, if necessary, your vehicle shall be either repaired by Firefly mechanic or towed to garage closest to your location. Should vehicle repair be impossible, a substitution vehicle shall be provided**.

    *If you have become a victim of vehicle theft or vandalism, you must immediately inform respective authorities about this incident (for example, local police). You must also deliver us a signed copy of the incident report within 48 hours.

    **In some cases we will recommend you to drive to the closest official garage of Firefly or Hertz in order to proceed with vehicle replacement at your own expense. We will always refund you these expenses given that the car incident is not a result of negligence of the Rental Agreement. Please be advised, in case of not purchasing SuperCover, you will be liable for the costs of the road assistance service. Please note that due to the limited number of Firefly commercial offices it may take you long time to effectuate vehicle replacement and cause inconvenience.

    ***Please note that vehicle repair is strictly forbidden. Should you effectuate vehicle repair at your own expense, Firefly shall not refund you any repair cost.

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    Instructions for return

    You must return the rental vehicle during normal opening hours of rental location. If you return the vehicle outside business hours, you must comply with our instructions for returning out of hours and you will remain fully responsible for the vehicle the rental location reopens. In case you fail to follow these instructions you will remain responsible for the vehicle until we can have access to it.

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    Early return

    No refunds for early returns will be applicable.

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    Late Return Fee

    Our rental rates are calculated based on 24-hour periods from the beginning of the rental.

    We allow you to return your vehicle up to 30 minutes (our “grace period”) after the agreed time specified in your rental contract without incurring a fee. Any time after that you will be charged an extra day´s rental at the current daily rate * (including extra charges for any purchased options) for each day or portion of the day that the vehicle has been returned late.

    If you fail to inform and agree with the renting location that you intend to extend your rental term you will be charged an additional late returns fee of 40.00€ on top of the daily rate.

    This is to recover our costs of trying to contact you and arranging for a replacement vehicle to be provided for the next customer who has booked to user your vehicle.

    *Current daily rates

    Low Season Days (Price per day)
    1 2 3-6 7-89
    MBMR 41.48 23.04 20.74 17.28
    ECMR 44.38 24.66 22.19 18.49
    CDMR 47.49 26.38 23.75 19.79
    CMMR 50.81 28.23 25.41 21.17
    CWMR 54.37 30.21 27.19 22.65
    IMMR 66.90 37.17 33.45 27.88
    IMAR 71.59 39.77 35.79 29.83
    MBAR 47.49 26.38 23.75 19.79
    EGMR 47.49 26.38 23.75 19.79
    EXMR 47.49 26.38 23.75 19.79

    From: 01/01/2019 to 11/04/2019
    22/04/2019 to 30/06/2019
    01/09/2019 to 18/12/2019

    Important: dates and rates may vary due to fleet constrains and seasonality

    High Season Days (Price per day)
    1 2 3-6 7-89
    MBMR 82.96 46.09 41.48 34.57
    ECMR 88.77 49.32 44.38 36.99
    CDMR 94.98 52.77 47.49 39.58
    CMMR 101.63 56.46 50.81 42.35
    CWMR 108.74 60.41 54.37 45.31
    IMMR 116.36 64.64 58.18 48.48
    IMAR 124.50 69.17 62.25 51.88
    MBAR 94.98 52.77 47.49 39.58
    EGMR 94.98 52.77 47.49 39.58
    EXMR 94.98 52.77 47.49 39.58

    From: 12/04/2019 to 21/04/2019
    01/07/2019 to 31/08/2019
    19/12/2019 to 31/12/2019

    Important: dates and rates may vary due to fleet constrains and seasonality

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    VI. Fees and Charges

    Reservation of credit

    You must provide a valid credit card in the driver´s name when you pick up the vehicle. We will reserve credit on your card (i.e. block credit so that it is unavailable for your use) to an amount that covers the anticipated cost of your rental, including all the options you have taken, a full tank of fuel (in case the vehicle is returned empty) and a sum to cover a portion of the Non-Waivable Excess that you may be responsible for if the vehicle is damaged during your rental (see Insurance & Waivers above) unless you have taken SuperCover or All included to eliminate your potential liability to us for damage.

    In summary, you should ensure that your credit card has available funds at the start of the rental, as follows:

    SUPERCOVER TAKEN (i.e. damage risk) Rental charges payable at the counter* (including optional services taken) + 150€
    SUPERCOVER NOT TAKEN (i.e. damage risk) Rental charges payable at the counter* (including optional services taken) + 850€

    *This means that; if you have booked a prepaid rate, the amount prepaid will not be considered for the reservation of credit. If you have booked a non-prepaid rate, the rate for rental days will be considered as well on the reservation of credit.

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    Fines and Penalties

    You are responsible for paying the penalty for circulation, improper parking, or other penalties you may have incurred during the rental. Relevant charges will be passed on to the customer, along with administrative expenses, as follows:

    - Administrative expenses for damages. 60 - €
    - Administrative expenses for fines. 40 - €

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    Methods of payment

    Although we identify anticipated charges at the start of the rental and reserve credit on your credit card to cover these (see below) we do not take payment from you until the end. This is because there are a number of uncertain or unexpected costs that may arise during the course of the rental that we are unable to estimate on pick-up (see Potential Additional Charges below). Your payment options are as follows:

    CREDIT CARD We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Note: a Credit Card Fee may apply (see below)*.
    DEBIT CARD We accept embossed VISA or MasterCard but do not accept Electron cards or those authorized for electronic use only. SuperCover becomes mandatory when paying with a debit card.
    CASH Is accepted for payments required on return of the vehicle only.

    *If you use your credit card to pay your rental charges a small fee will be added to cover the costs imposed on us by the credit card company for processing the payment, as follows:.

    SPAIN €4
    (unless the credit card is issued by European bank – in which case no charge is made)

    If you choose to use a debit card (see above) to pay, no charge will apply.

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    Credit card fee

    If the credit card is not issued by European banking institution, a charge of €4 will apply to cover the cost of the processing the payment.

    You can use a valid debit card (*) to return the vehicle in which case no additional charge will apply.

    (*) Electron cards or those with the words “electronic use only” are not accepted.

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    Airport service charge (ASC)

    All rentals served in any of our offices located within the facilities of an airport in Spain, are subject to an additional charge of 8% on the rental rate, extras and fuel tank (VAT not included). The rental rate (which includes insurance for third parties, CDW and TP) has the charge already included in the price you have reserved. On all other concepts, 8% will be applied at the time of formalizing the contract at the office counter. This charge does not apply to offices located outside the airport area.

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    Firefly Freedom

    This device can be rented on two different levels:

    Freedom Navi:

    • Offline navigation for entire world (works without mobile data).
    • Free calls to any Firefly location in the country and device helpdesk.
    • City guide (restaurants, hotels, bars, activities,…).
    • Tickets & discounts for tours, activities, attractions...

    Freedom Wifi:

    • All the service included in Freedom Navi.
    • High speed Internet + Hotspot (up to 5 devices) with a data limit of  1Gb/day.

    Price per day Max. per rental
    Freedom Navi 8.95 €  116.35 € 
    Freedom WIFI 9.95 €  ---

    This device is subject to availability and may be not available in all locations.

    You will have liability over any damage or loss of the device or any of its parts and accessories.

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    1. The basic rental rate is for a minimum of one day's rent (the period of 24 hours from the start time of rental) and includes a fee for:
    Limited-Kilometer (*).
    Breakdown assistance 24 hours.
    - Third Party Insurance
    - all local taxes and supplements
    - Partial collision damage waiver.
    - Theft Protection
    - Airport service charge (ASC)

    2. Additional charges may include:

    - Personal insurance (please note that the PI insurance is not available for rentals in Italy or Spain)
    - fuel charges (see fuel)
    - Super Cover
    - Supplement for young driver
    - Child Seats and other extras.
    - Loss of or damage to the vehicle.
    - Credit card fee.
    - Late return fee,
    - Additional driver fee (see Additional Driver Fee),
    - Extra charges related to customer´s negligence:

    • Special cleaning – 242 €
    • Wrong fuel – 302.50 €
    • Loss of keys – 302.50
    - Tolls or charges or fines resulting from traffic violations or improper parking during the rental period (see Fines and Penalties)

    3. All charges are calculated in accordance with our official list of current rates, exposed at all times at your rental location, subject to a final calculation at the end of the rental.

    4. The fee will be non-prepaid

    (*) Limited kilometer subject to rental rates in all locations.

    - All durations: 150 / 120 / 90 km/day (depending on the location)
    If at the time the vehicle is returned customer has exceeded this limitation, a surcharge for kilometer excess will be charged as follows:
    - All groups: 0.45 €/km

    See Price categories for more information.

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    Price categories

    If your reservation is not prepaid, you will pay the rental rate, including optional extras booked online at rental location. You may incur other charges arising from the use of the vehicle during the rental period (such as fuel surcharges or other charges for damage to the vehicle or traffic offenses, etc.) These charges shall be paid before or after the rental period, as appropriate.
    Please also read the section on not prepaid rentals at Cancellations, no show and changes.

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    The rent is subject to local taxes. All our rates include VAT.

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    VII. Cancellation / No show / Changes


    Changes online
    You can change your booking via the Internet through the "Change / Cancel a booking" page. These changes are subject to an administrative charge of 30.-€

    * If you change your booking, we will cancel the original booking and will replace it with new booking fee which is calculated based on the availability and prices in effect at the date and time of the change.

    * This applies to changes made to:
    a. Name of the main customer
    b. Pick up location
    c. Date & time of pick up
    d. Date and time of return
    e. Category of vehicle

    If no vehicle is available for the place and date requested, change the date or pick up location and will be happy to change your booking.

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    1. Firefly allows customers to cancel a prepaid reservation.
    a. Through the Firefly website, in the "Change / Cancel" Rate option for fees and bookings.
    b. Contacting the Department of assistance online.

    2. The full refund of the prepaid booking will be made as follows:
    a. If the booking is canceled within 7 days of its completion, the refund will be made in full.
    b. If the booking is canceled from the eighth day of its completion, the refund amount will be reduced in an administrative fee of 30.-€

    3. Refunds will be deposited on the credit card with which the original booking was made.

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    If at the time of pickup of the vehicle you wish to rent a larger vehicle or hire a product for a longer period, you may do so, subject to availability, with the payment of additional charges.

    These charges are calculated in the local currency of the country where the rent is made and may be higher than those previously calculated.


    Not prepaid bookings
    The vehicle will be booked and available to you. In case you don´t pick it up an hour after the time and date set by you, or in the case of rentals at the airport 2 hours after the scheduled arrival time of your flight (only in case you have communicated your flight number), Firefly reserves the right to apply a penalty charge in the amount of 40.- € or an amount equivalent to the target currency, taxes not included. Amount applied to the closing time of the office, or midnight in those offices opening 24 hours. This fee shall compensate Firefly for the loss of income and expenses arising from the booking and vehicle preparation.

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    Please note that we cannot give you a refund if you return the vehicle before the date and time specified in your rental.


    Any rental contract within opening hours, but from 23:59 pm will have an extra charge of 40,00.-€. For this service it is essential that you provide your flight number. In case of delay in your flight, the client won´t be waited for unless the flight information is recorded at the time of booking.
    This charge applies regardless of whether the flight is delayed or on time, if the customer arrives later than 23:59 hours at our offices.


    You have the right to access, correct and / or request removal of personal information we hold about you. You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending your request to Data Protection Hertz Spain, SL, Calle Jacinto Benavente, no. 2 Bldg. B - 3rd floor (28232), Las Rozas de Madrid, or by sending an email to and, in each case enclosing a photocopy of your identity card, passport or equivalent document.


    All our practices are developed in accordance with the provisions of the legislation and the Code of Conduct of the National Federation of Business Rental Car without Driver (FENEVAL). See this code at your rental location.

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