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Firefly - value Car Rental, made easy.

Firefly is a car hire company that provides low rates on car hire for price driven holiday traveller. We have locations in top holiday destinations in Europe including Malaga, Alicante, Seville, Valencia in Spain, Rome, Milan and Catania, Bologna, Cagliari, Pisain Italy, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Paris and Marseille in France. We also have locations in Croatia, Iceland with more coming soon.

Car hire was never this easy or so simple.

Our objective is to become the car hire company that you can turn to for an everyday low cost rental deal when planning your holidays.

Our fleet offers a wide choice of car hire options depending on your needs and budget, from small cars for short weekend getaways with your loved ones, to full size vehicles that you can hire for longer family holidays. Please visit our Rental Vehicle Guide to learn which hire car fits your needs the best.

To enhance you car hire experience we provide a wealth of tips and suggestions that will help you to go through the process smoothly.

If hiring a car is something you have never done before, check our friendly Step by Step Car Hire Guide. If you are familiar with the hiring process, we have additional guides that provide useful information like the Car Hire Extras Guide, to help you understand how other Firefly products, available when you book your car, can make your journey easier. We also offer very useful guides on Fuel and Safety to make sure you start your journey with peace of mind and that you are covered during the rental period.

Finally, to help you plan your journey, we provide you with top destination guides, pointing out the most interesting spots and places to visit in Spain, Italy and France.