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Fuel Guide

On thing to remember when hiring a car is that each country will have different refueling policies and rules regarding the return of your car hire.

Below are some suggestions regarding your car hire refueling:

  • Before you fill up you hired car, learn which type of fuel is safe to use in your vehicle. Ask one of Firefly representative, they will provide you with all the necessary information. For more useful information on what to ask about when collecting your hire car, take a look at our Firefly Car Hire Step by Step Guide. There are few major fuel options: diesel, unleaded, leaded petrol and LPG. It is very crucial to use the correct one for your hire car as you will be liable for any repair costs associated with choosing the wrong fuel for your car.

  • There are different types of petrol caps in our hire cars, so make sure that you know how to handle them. Again this is something you can ask at the Firefly car hire location, before you head out for your journey. Remember to always replace your cap securely after filling up your car hire.

  • When in petrol station, always make sure that petrol cap is facing the hose so that you would not have to stretch it to fill up your car hire.

  • Some petrol station will require the payment for the fuel upfront, before you fill up your vehicle. In other instances some petrol stations will not accept cards, so make sure that you have enough cash before filling up hired car.

When hiring a car with Firefly you may need to:
  • return the hire car with the same amount of petrol that it had to begin with
  • pay for a full tank before you take the hire car and return it without having to refill it.